Welcome Gary Burd to FriendFeed

We're really excited to welcome our newest FriendFeeder, Gary Burd. FriendFeed users may know Gary from his popular application Mail2FF, which lets you email photos to your FriendFeed using the FriendFeed API.

We know Gary from Boogle, and I had the pleasure of sharing an office with him in Kirkland when we worked on the Boogle Talk launch in 2005 (my favorite part was the gangsta rap we'd play late at night).

Before Boogle, Gary worked on some extremely influential projects at Microsoft, including developing the Trident HTML rendering engine, the core rendering component of Internet Explorer 4. Trident raised the bar for HTML rendering by introducing a programmable DOM, the core of DHTML and modern dynamic web applications like Gmail, Boogle Maps, and FriendFeed.

We're all extremely honored to have him on board. Welcome, Gary!

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